Our Partners

United Company for Pipe Industries and Specialized Development has strategic partnerships with global manufacturers specialized in this field including

Arabtech Jardaneh


For design and engineering consultancy.



for manufacturing various types of valves.

Jindal Group

For the design and manufacturing of ductile iron pipes of various diameters.

MWI Pumps


For complete pump stations on wheels.


United Company for Pipe Industries and Specialized Development undertook various projects that range from supplying different types of pumps and spare parts to not only supplying but constructing and installing pump stations with pipes and all its mechanical accessories and spare parts. The company emanated to the design and installation of more than 30 mobile pumps which are also known as “complete stations on wheels”. The range successful projects depict UPISD’s level of expertise and its potential to implement complex projects. The projects also include but are not limited to supplying transmission pipeline and all its accessories. UPISD was able to serve in different projects due to its diversified product range that it offers, counting various types of pipes; Ductile Iron Pipes and High-Density Polyethylene, and numerous types of valves and specialized valves. In the end to emulsify its versatile product range, UPISD offers expertise in the field of design and engineering consultancy, all of which come together to ensure that the company delivers excellence in all the products and services. After being able to undertake such projects, UPISD gained experience and is able to deliver forward thinking solutions using the latest technology and equipment, employee development programs and process-improvement tools.

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Certified Engineer

50 +

Successful Projects

250 +

Heavy Machinery

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Satisfied Clients


Our company shows its full ability to transfer its expertise to the design, supply, and installation of various types of pipes in accordance to the latest developments in global technology in the fields of; Designing Pumping Stations Designing Water Transmission Lines Supplying Various Types of Pumps, valves, and pipes. Supervision of Engineering Projects Engineering Consultancy Training of Engineering and Technical Staff